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avonette's Journal

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In 2006, the Harry Potter Lumos Convention was held in Las Vegas. A British journalist attended the conference and subsequently wrote an article that belittled fans, their activities and interests. At the time, I was on the periphery of the slash community and even though I wasn't that involved, I felt resentment that such a one-sided view could be given by someone who blatantly didn't know what she was talking about.

With this in mind and a brewing interest in slash (as well as a growing Remus/Sirius obsession!) I decided to write my thesis on slash fiction - on the work, the art, the communities and the nature of writing with a fan context. Unlike the snide journalist at Lumos, I determined that my work would be written in a balanced and thoughtful way; as a slash reader myself, I aim to give a sympathetic and unbiased account of writing within fandom. Let the slashing begin!